Festival Entertainer

What would a Pride Festival be without Entertainers? A lot less fun, that’s for sure. With the 2020 Pride Week coming up now is the time to get your application in to the Victoria Pride Society to become one of our Festival Entertainers and expose your talents to the 10,000+ attendees of Victoria’s most exciting public event of the year. From Musicians to Drag Performers to Dance Troupes to Comedians to, well, just about anything fun and exciting.

Let’s get you up on the stage where you deserve to be!

Victoria is a town that is celebrated for its diversity and talent in the entertainment sector. Yes, we’re talking about you! Here is your opportunity to get on our notification mailing list for when the application process opens for 2019 Pride Festival entertainers. Please note: if you were a Festival Entertainer who participated the 2018 Pride Week festivities you do not need to complete this form. You’re already on the list and will be notified as soon as the 2019 Application process opens!

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