A Child’s Need

A Child’s Need

by Tyler Johnson


A Child’s Need

A child’s need is met,
The answering calls are violence and pain.
Many asking what, out of this change, do I gain?

A need is met
Needs are constant and can’t be ignored
That matters even when it’s not yours.
Why is equality seen as a threat,
Why must these kids be the punching bag you use to vent?
Emotions are strong, emotions are strange
But emotions, even yours, often change
Emotions aren’t permanent, people are.


I get it.
You’re uncomfortable and your feelings hurt,
But what about the kids whose needs you wish to ignore,
Those needs you wish to ignore solely because they’re not yours.
You feel your rights are being taken away,
So you want to make sure that others will pay.
Because you’re uncomfortable you want to ruin someone else’s day.

These kids, they’ve already paid.
Their existence a tax that they must pay every day.
They’ve paid in blood, sweat, and tears,
They’ve paid by having to give up some of their childhood years.
Yet still you wish for them to give,
The blood, sweat, and tears
Nightmares at night, driven by realistic fears
You wish for that to be the life these kids live
Solely because you can’t explain an uncomfortable situation to your kid.

An Eye for an Eye
A Tooth for a Tooth
A bathroom for a kid who wishes they were born
Just like you.