A Trans Boy

A Trans Boy



Binding his chest and getting stabbed by needles.

Looking at them and wishing he was one of them,

wondering if they can see right through him,

that is the life of a trans boy.

One whisper of the wrong name or pronoun

will send his stomach into reverse,

it will make his heart pound,

his guts feel a wave of anxiety zipping through them,

hoping, praying

that he will never run into somebody that knew who he was,

that is the life of a trans boy.

Looking at his hips expand as he punches himself,

holding up his favourite shirt

and realizing that his chest sticks through

and his binder shows.

Hating himself,

hitting himself, that is the life of a trans boy.

Who can he trust, who can he tell,

which friends will stick with him

no matter who he is,

wishing and wishing

that he could rip off his shirt like the other boys.

Swimming with a sticky swim shirt on, it’s normal enough to the rest of the world,

but to him,

it’s uncomfortable, he doesn’t like it.

He wants to swim topless,

but he can’t,

that is the life of a trans boy.

It might seem so hard for this trans boy to live,

for he always seems so full of fear,

but I can tell you,

he is mighty proud to be queer.