euphoric oddities

euphoric oddities

by Mx Kade


“so, do you want to be a boy or a girl?”

you don’t understand, Mom.

I want to break from the confines of my corporeal corpse and
transcend expectations of gender.
I want to be vaguely transparent and glow a hue of Tickle-Me-PinkTM,
just to watch you squirm. I aim to be
shapeless and literally physically
melt in your fingers if you dare try to grab me.
I want to exist as orange jello always standing
slightly taller than you and my eyes
somewhere where my knees should be.
I will become the Kool-AidTM man, crashing through brick
walls that congest my way in this quixotic
society of mandatory gender. I will hover
3mm off the ground and float down Dundas
to be met with screams of
“oh god what the fuck is that”
and I will love it.
Oh yeah.


do I have a complex? likely.

I’ve spent too long stewing in hatred for my body
to refuse to have fun in my 20’s.
I will coat my body in tattoos and piercings
and clothes that don’t fit me and
inject hormones weekly and I am
finally starting to love myself.

don’t take that away from me.