by Ash Barnard


They are one of the only recognized things to reflect back to you what you look like

We often look at the same mirror all our lives. Each of us see the person staring back differently

Some of us loathe it

Some are blinded by the fog that got placed in front of it

Some of us only see the attractive parts of the person in front of them

Some are covered in cob webs and dust

Most of us never look around to notice that there are many different mirrors in the world around us

So many of us are too focused on the reflective surface in front of us to even care to look at the other ones

When someone tries to show us a different mirror, we hiss

“That’s not true!” We all scream in unison

“I don’t deserve to be seen as beautiful!” some of us who loathe their image exclaim

“I have no flaws!” some of us who see perfection in their reflection whine

“I have no good qualities!” some of us who loathe our entire reflection sob

“You can’t see the truth!” We all shout again, before going back to our lone mirrors

Some of us stay. We tilt our heads at the different reflections before us

“So this is what I look like to you,” a small group of us declare

“How do I know which one is true?” We ask

The truth is, all of the mirrors are honest

They all highlight something different about you

But at the end of it all, we are still us

I am still me

You are still you

And we can all wipe away the fog on our mirrors, and occasionally look at other mirrors

And see ourselves in a new perspective in each of them

To learn some things we can improve,

And some things that we learn to