My Body, A Temple

My Body, A Temple

by Tyler Johnson


Words hit skin like stones
Chipping away the reality I know
The bitter taste of their words taints my tongue
I am forced to learn a lesson
It doesn’t matter that I am young

My body is a temple, my soul is a blessing,
My heart is pure gold
These words preached to me by the book of old
If my body is a temple, it is one which has fallen into ruin
The blessing a curse
My identity my undoing

My body the ruin, my soul a curse
Gold faded, revealing stone
My truth a secret better left unknown
Unexplored, ignored, there is no one here
Damage is done, I am beyond repair
My foundation crumbles below me
I fall

Hands sort through the pieces of me
No intent, raw curiosity
Handled with care
Pillar by pillar
Piece by piece
I am repaired
I am seen