Our Love is Dangerous

Our Love is Dangerous

by Ava Webb


Our love is dangerous
It’s not just you and me
We don’t fit in their box
So we’ll never be free

Their taunting words tantalizing
Tainting our tongues with their speech
Until we taste blood
Drawn by their poison

That guy just called me a dyke
But do you know why?
Because that son if a bitch couldn’t get it up for his twenty year old girlfriend if he took six fucking viagras.

But hey
At least our identity
Is no longer considered a mental illness

I want to feel safe
In both parts of my sexuality
I shouldn’t be afraid to feel
Because it’s scary enough all on it’s own

Not to mention that I’m too gay for the straights
And to straight for the gays

And just to be clear
Bisexual does not mean I’m half gay half straight

That I am consistently awkward
Constantly uncomfortable
And always ALWAYS a flamboyant mess

Even though they don’t lock us up anymore
We’re still fitted with straight jackets
The moment we’re born
Praying that they’re worn down with time

Our limbs only to hug ourselves
But we still don’t love ourselves
We will forever crave embrace
Always to be disappointed

We slouch through it all
Lurking in the shadows
Afraid to show our light
For fear that we shine too bright

Though we know light can be a beacon
Calling out to lost souls
Commanding inclusion
That light can be a haven

But we are hidden away
Hunched under the thumb of oppression
We are chained and bound to
What others think we should be

Not who we are
Not who we love
But who they want to see

When I march down mainstreet in july
Painted pink purple and blue
It’s because I’m bored of my white straight jacket

Tired of being seen as
Straight quiet polite
When i’m gay loud and obtuse
And i will not stop just because you don’t like me.