The Deep

The Deep

by Hazel Woodbridge


There are some things out there that cannot be explained.
Things behind locked doors, things behind moonlight.
I can see your eye like a burning flame in the deep,
Ever watching and unknowable, why do you come before me?
The beasts of earth and stone, growling, scraping,
Teeth biting at my hair.
There is more than shadow in the dark places of the world.

Show yourself, creature! Why now do you hide at the edges of my sight?
You have no power over me, for I am the master of my fear.
I do not fear the dark, only that which dwells in it and you are nothing more that twilight gloom.
I can feel your breath in my hair, on the back of my neck, against my cheeks.
Ice and poison are in your blood,
I can taste the iron blades of my tongue on your stone flesh.
All things fade and wither, and all memory of you will disappear into shadow
Where not even the palest starlight can reach you.

I am mortal, my life is fleeting before your eternity
I will run red, growing into the earth before your eyes
While you remain nothing but ash, lurking behind candle flame.
Steel on steel.
Teeth on teeth.
When my light last burns with the sun,