this is an intermission

this is an intermission

by Mx Kade


this is the in between, the lawless
middle ground. this is heavy rain
melting snow and flooding the streets.

this is peace and
conflict cohabiting on the same plane,
where water is fire depending on
how one blinks.

this is the silence of religion,
a space where life and death instead
never existed.

here, there is no search for a God
that abandoned us, and He will
not come looking for us. the shock of it
wears off after an infinity has passed.

it snows when it is sunny
here, and hail will pass through your
body leaving bruises that don’t hurt.
this is nothing existing parallel to everything,
where smog fills your veins and

replaces what keeps you alive. you are not
alive nor dead, instead a smoking husk on a
grey cloud.

but this is just an intermission, this is safety
and this will not hurt you.

this will not hurt you.

trust me.