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The Victoria Pride Society is a volunteer based non-profit organization that relies on the generous support and collaboration of businesses and organizations that share our values & our vision for an inclusive society through financial support, services, donations and advertising. These partnerships enable us to continue providing our free events and services to diverse communities.

Additionally, these partnerships enable businesses and organizations to demonstrate their own support, and to express how their values align with issues of importance to the Queer Communities, such as;

  • programs or initiatives that relate to the Queer communities
  • promoting diversity based on sexual orientation/gender identity
  • extended benefits relevant to the Queer Communities and thier families

How can you partner with the Victoria Pride Society? Complete your application below and we will be in touch shortly.

Partnership TierDonation Level
Friend of Pride$250+ cash or cash/in-kind
Bronze$750+ cash or cash/in-kind
Silver$1,500+ cash or cash/in-kind
Gold$3,000+ cash or cash/in-kind
Media$5,000+ in-kind only
Platinum$5,000+ cash or cash/in-kind
Sapphire$7,500+ cash or cash/in-kind
Diamond$10,000+ cash or cash/in-kind
Link to Partner site from the VPS Website*******
Logo link to Partner site from the VPS Website******
Pride Parade Participation Fee Waived*****
Partner Logo on VPS Event Posters****
Partner Logo Inclusion in Print Media Ads****
Partner Logo on 200+ Staff/Volunteer T-Shirts****
Festival Partner Banner Placement****
Usage of “2020 VPS Pride Partner” Verbiage***
Usage of 2020 VPS Logo For Promotion***
# of Tweets on VPS Twitter Page123
# of Mentions on VPS Facebook Page123
# of Dedicated Posts on VPS Facebook Page12
Festival Stage Acknowledgement**
Pride Festival Participation Fee Waived**
Recognition in Select Press Releases*
Recognition in The AGM Report*
Spotlight Partner Article on Official VPS Website*

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