The Victoria Pride

Youth Leadership Council (YLC)


The Victoria Pride Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a group of 14-24 year-olds that meet monthly to plan youth initiatives and events that relate to the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

The purpose of YLC is to foster learning opportunities, be a forum to voice youth needs, and inform key initiatives to make positive impacts in our communities! To learn more about the Victoria Pride Society’s Mandate and Vision, see our About Page or follow the group’s instagram @yyj_youth_pride.


Generally all members…

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Have opportunities to advise the Victoria Pride Society Board around youth-inclusive programming (e.g. Youth Pride Kick-Off Event)

If members want to take on more responsibility, they can …

  • Help plan additional council initiatives & events
  • Have leadership roles in decision-making, planning, and carrying out youth-focused events and initiatives
  • Provide updates on YLC’s instagram page
  • Develop educational material for LGBTQIA2S+ youth
  • Access training and mentorship opportunities


Currently, different council members are working on …

Developing a Trans Truths Storytelling Project
  • Collecting and displaying local stories, artwork and poems about what it is like to access healthcare as a trans youth. Stay tuned for a call-out!
  • Creating an event where stories are performed and local health care providers and community members are invited to attend. Likely, this event will take place in August!
Planning the Youth Pride Kick-Off Event
  • This will be the second year that Pride will have a youth-targeted event. Expect opportunities to craft, eat yummy food, get to know other youth, and see and/or partake in some fabulous performances. There will be a call-out for performers in the coming months! This event will likely take place sometime over the weekend of June 22, 2019.

Beyond getting to plan and advise, council members also have the opportunity to partake in workshops and other community projects.

Here are a few upcoming training and mentorship opportunities for council members:

  • Naloxone Training Workshop with Lux Welsh @ the Foundry
  • Binding Workshop with the Makerhouse
  • Possible Film-making workshop with Amus Productions


Here are some active YLC members:

Kierrah Babcock

Social Media Coordinator

Kierrah is a SIDES student with a love for arts, travel, and anything cute. She enjoys teaching others around her about LGBTQIA+ issues and helping those around her understand the different parts of the community. During her free time she enjoys drawing, adding to her vintage toy collection, and traveling. Her favourite place to travel is Tokyo where she feels free to express her colourful fashion and love for everything cute.

Stevie Zeer

Trans Truths Project Coordinator

Stevie is 19 and their pronouns are they/them (although they are not too strict about that). They are intersex, a lesbian, and Arab/Canto/Cree. They love dancing, music, and writing. They are really goal oriented and love projects, so they hope to be working on creating a lot of cool stuff. They try to encourage people in the lgbt+ community who are of color, disabled, intersex, etc. to have a voice and help them feel safe and respected in our community.

Holly Larsen

Social Media Coordinator

Holly is a Selfdesign student with a passion for photography, horses, history and nature. They are an aspiring photographer, with the goal of becoming a professional equine and portrait photographer. They want to make a positive change in the LGBTQ+ community and connect with the many amazing people in it!

Ripley Stevens

Trans Truths Project Advisor

Ripley is a grade 11 student at Vic High who loves skating, sewing, and writing. They have always had a passion for helping people and for teaching people and saw the council as a way to do both. During their free time, they embroider, play roller derby, do roller dance, as well as teach it to others.

Melody Marie

Trans Truths Project Advisor

Melody is a St. Margaret’s School attendee, and citizen of México/The United States. They are the GSA executive of their school, and are a member of the St. Margaret’s Senior SOGI Leadership Council. They love self-expression through the art of drawing, crafting, sewing, singing, playing their instruments, makeup, and drag — anything they can get their hands on, really! In their free time, they enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, podcasts, music, and shows of all variety, and comics!

Sasha Chretien

Trans Truths Project Advisor

Sasha is a newcomer from the mainland who loves Victoria and is excited to have the chance to help and connect with the local queer community. She has always dreamed of being an advocate for anyone who might need a voice and to help create meaningful lasting change in society that will result in a better quality of life for everyone who needs it. She enjoys the arts, travel, science, technology and gaming among other things.


General Council Advisor

Ava she/her 14 at Esquimalt High school bisexual writer/poet I love drawing and photography I’m an activist and feminist but the only thing I love more is biology

Silke Staffeldt-Jost

General Council Advisor

Silke joined the Youth Pride Council to become more connected with the community and to discover new things and people. She enjoys writing, drawing (anything creative really), and helping people understand the LGBT+ community. She also takes up any opportunities she can to experience anything new and connect with people and places.

Maisie Bodrug

General Council Advisor

Maisie Bodrug is a 14 year old student at Esquimalt High. she loves cats, and is a huge weeb. She joined the council so she could help queer people find a place in society where they are safe and happy. She loves playing video games, art, and reading manga.


We accept applications on an ongoing basis.


  • A cover letter that introduces yourself (anything you’d like to share!), your pronouns, your age, contact information, and why you would like to be part of the Youth Leadership Council.
  • A resumé that talks about your extracurricular activities, hobbies, volunteer work, work experience, relevant skills, and most importantly, your goals and visions for yourself over the upcoming year. Work and education experience is one thing, but your own goals and visions tells us about your passion for this work!
  • A personal reference and their contact information. This can be (but not limited to) a teacher, GSA lead, youth group leader, camp counsellor, social worker, volunteer coordinator, counsellor, or employer. If you have questions, ask away!

Send submissions (and any questions you have) to Nick Luney, the VPS Youth Initiatives Committee Chair, at