A day in the life of a trans person

A day in the life of a trans person

by Maisie Bodrug




My boobs are made of silicone.
(I sometimes forget to put them on.)
I forget them one day and poof they’re gone.

When I go to school, I’m kinda stealth,
(and I take vitamin D for my health.)

You call me a freak, I’ll call you a fool.
Just ‘cause I’m unique doesn’t mean I’m not cool.

At the end of the day I remove my breasts and shout,
“I am awesome!”

…and then I turn my lights out.

When I wake up in the morning I rub my eyes and yawn
Go to the bedside table, flick the light on

I go and eat my breakfast and I go and pack my bag
I run into a TERF, he starts calling me a Fag.

I go and confront him, I say “Leave me alone.”
He tells me I’m garbage and that he sits on his throne.

I tell him “that does it!” I’m boiling with rage.
I tell him, he’s a douchbag and that he should act his age.

I get into the classroom, I go and take my seat.
We’re doing science, that’s pretty neat.

We’re studying hormones, what a surprise.
Boys are cracking jokes but the joke’s on you guys.

I head out for lunch, it’s a burger and fries.
Someone calls me a Tranny and part of me dies.