An Abundance Of Citrus

An Abundance Of Citrus

by Olive Elzinga

@oliveor_twist on Instagram

Your first attempt at breaking a bite into my flesh,
left you with only slivers of pith,
no juice.
Just bitter tongue teasing taste.

asked for a rain check.
I didn’t want your going from tangerine to mandarin,
I didn’t want to be your backup shopping list stop.
“So stop” I whispered.

Was that for you or me?
You told me my breasts were bigger than average,
their gravity filled my hands,
Hardly small melons, more pomelos.
Your favourite fruit.

How about that rain check?
Slice them up and serve them on a platter,
Have me as a frantic fanatic feast.
But another tangerine was in your fruit bowl.

I made lemonade.
The juice spit in my eyes,
And I sliced through my rind in the watery haze.

Fed up I bought a grapefruit
A big fancy kind of grapefruit
Wrapped in that soft foam fishnets grapefruit
Tangled in satin, or was it lace?
I unwrapped it.
Slowly split it silently in half.

I dived in,
Fingers going to the middle and hooking around each slice,
Pulling them towards my mouth,

Tearing, devouring, Sucking on segments,
Lips smacking together to get the job done.
An assault of juice bruised my ego.
This was not my favourite fruit.

I finished it in the black of my bedroom anyway.
Throwing the peel into the hall trash can.
How about that rain check?

Umbrellas shade us from drizzles,
barely needed but they cover our eyes.
It’s not fair to the roots I have grown,
To let you use my sour for nothing more than a spritz,

But beneath the grey sky my tree is tangled in your grove,
And beneath your umbrella,
Sunset skies blossom,
And there lies the sweetest orange I’ve ever seen.

And I’ll never get to taste it.