by Aria Stewart


How dare you tell me

That I’m unnatural

When my only crime is being a girl who loves girls

How dare you tell me

That I’m wrong, or bad

When you shame others for who they are

How dare you tell me

That your God doesn’t approve

Because after all, they were the one who made girls so stunning

How dare you tell me

I can’t be in love

With her

Because have you seen the way the sun shines off her hair, how it glitters in her eyes?

Have you seen her in the morning, bleary and barely-awake?

Have you seen the way her hand fits so perfectly in mine

Or how her lips melt into mine

How dare you tell me

We can’t be together

When you don’t see the way we march proudly

Underneath the same rainbow flag

How dare you look at us

With the same disdain and disgust you would

At a piece of gum under your shoe

Or the public restroom at a gas station

How dare you tell me

Bisexuality isn’t real

This is just a phase

When you barely know me

How dare you shame me

How dare you?