by Anonymous

Its too much
Their hate
Their judgement
They laugh and they prod
They joke and they snicker
But they don’t feel the pain

The sun goes down
Shadows growing larger
Anger swells, in need of an outlet
And one appears
One with his face staring back
At him

Crippling rage forces the movements
No longer in his control
The years of service forgotten
The connections and feelings no
longer matter

Shards of glass catch the
last glimmers of sun
Specks of silver littering the ground
Smothered in threads of blood

He will see them again
The ones who laugh
The ones who hurt him
He plays along, jibes along

But he sees them now
Knows who they are deep down
So he hides, cowers
Anything to escape the hate

The bruises will fade
The cuts will heal
But the words will always hurt
No matter the time, nor place
No matter who surrounds him
The words have left their mark
on his heart