by Seanna-Lee

You think we’re fighting for justice, but
aren’t we really just fighting for equity?
To be treated the same; we didn’t get to
choose our team, we didn’t get the first say.
It’s never been an even playing field, it was
rigged from the get go.
This isn’t even a race, it’s just people hurting
people at the end of the day
we’re all the same.
A starter pistol to the heart, get ready, get
on your mark.
I guess it is a blame game
Yes you said that but really you mean this?
Just talk to me like I’m a person ,
say my name, like I exist.

I won’t apologize for trying to live,
to love and laugh and bring that shiny
sparkle back.
Can’t do that if I’m stuck on prozac,
poppin bennys like they were the candy my
grandmama used to give me.
Smoke another bowl, try to forget about
the cold inside my bones.
It creeps back into my sheets each winter,
like clockwork.
Pretending it really loves me.
In the place you used to sleep, it kisses my
Bourbon thaws the frost that sparkles in the
sun, pristine but oh so god damn bleak.

Ignorance can be bliss but then there’s just
blissfully ignorant.

With feet on the ground, ground down but
high as can be.
I don’t know who I can be, I just know that
this grind will fucking kill me.
I ask a man for the time and see the hunger
in his eyes he says “baby whatever you
Now fuck that, smile and laugh just to avoid
his eyes.
Look at your damn rolex, no wonder we do
this shit to just to survive.
Just give me the time.
It’s half past wake the fuck up, shake off the
dead in your eyes.
You pay me money to sit and act pretty, so
why the fuck don’t I oblige?
Supply & demand baby.

That’s the name of the game, affluence &
They can call it a sin, but in the end we’re all
just boxers in the ring.
You can’t fight fire with fire without getting
a little singed.
So get your bandages on, put your fists back
Water breaks almost over and this is how
we destroy the corrupt.