Divas del Jardin

Gouda Gabor & Sean Guist Presents:

Divas del Jardin

Saturday, July 4 2020

2:00pm - 4:00pm



A socially distanced Pride Garden Party!

$25 tickets ONLY available from Eventbrite…your ticket includes a welcome drink, a TD Pride tote & sunglasses plus a $10 coupon for a beverage at the new Hallway Social House.

VIP Package $200 – ONE ONLY VIP package for 4. Relax in and on the famous Casa Gabor JIZZcuzzi… includes 4 Pride Totes, 4 sunglasses, 4 Hallway vouchers, 4 Pride Flags. 4 welcome drinks PLUS your own bottle of bubbly and …you pick your own temperature

A cash bar will offer some fine wines from our sponsor Artisan Wine Shop and Glitter Bomb Pale Ale from Phillips….Beverages are $7 and will be CASH ONLY

100% of ticket sales, bar sales & auction proceeds go to our charities…
As some of you know, Gouda now also makes her home in Vallarta & is a proud Permanent Resident of Mexico. My friends there receive a minimum wage of about $7.00 Canadian a DAY, and since Covid-19 they have no jobs and no money for rent or food. Unlike Canada there is not EI or CERB, Welfare…NOTHING. Some folks are having enough trouble feeding their children, let alone their animals so your donations will support “Supplies for Families in Need PV” and the “Dog For Life” dispensary. We also will be donating to support the good local works of the Victoria Pride Society.

Get your tickets at here at Eventbrite

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